A Message to the SEO Family on Election day

A message from our President & CEO, William Goodloe

Dear SEO Family Member,

Today is a critical day in America. For many of us at SEO, and particularly for the young people we serve, today’s election can evoke anxiety and fear, as we confront uncertainty over what current and future government policies and actions will mean for individuals, their families, their education, and their ability to succeed in America.

Despite these fears, at SEO, we continue to believe there is hope. We believe the hard work and sacrifices of so many will continue to move our country in the direction of equality and justice, and we believe that Americans of all backgrounds are capable of recognizing our shared humanity and common purpose.

Regardless of the election outcome, SEO will continue to work tirelessly to create a more equitable society, based on our unwavering beliefs:

  • Systemic racism is real and is a toxic force in our country and the world, resulting in disadvantage and devastation for generations of Americans, particularly Black Americans. We must reckon with our history and work to dismantle the structures that deny so many people access to the promise of this country.
  • Equity and opportunity are the bedrock of America. Our country will only fully live up to the ideals enshrined in our founding documents when we ensure that everyone can live, love, and learn free from prejudice and restraint.
  • Diversity makes our country strong. We must work to elevate voices from all backgrounds so that every educational institution, every place of employment, and every room where decisions are made truly represents the diverse tapestry that makes America great.
  • Immigrants have built and shaped this country since its inception, and they contribute to it every day, in every way imaginable. No one should need to live their life in fear, including the hundreds of thousands of DREAMers who deserve the right to pursue their education and their career in the country that is their home.

The history of America is filled with setbacks on the road to progress, but we have kept moving forward because of the courage, conviction, and tenacity of countless Americans who refused to rest until the doors of opportunity were open to all.

At SEO, the work we do is essential to crafting the America we all know is possible, and we will continue to strive and fight every day for a more equitable, more just society.

We encourage you to make your voice heard today, if you haven’t done so already.