“By Any Means Necessary” with SEO Career Intern Jeremy

Ambitious, ingenious, and destined for success, Jeremy Nartey is not your average college junior. Jeremy was born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts — a small city, with its pockets of diverse communities within it. His parents, both immigrants from Ghana, instilled a dedication to education and a hard work ethic into their children starting from a young age. A balance of love, support, and discipline filled his household and early childhood memories, all of which shaped who he is today.

“Being a first-generation student in an African immigrant household yields its own special and unique experience. My parents didn’t have the same opportunities that I am blessed to have access to afforded to me, and they taught me to take advantage of every opportunity available and make the most of it,” Jeremy said. “My parents exposed me to different environments, ideas, and concepts, which makes me valuable in any setting.”

While his parents encouraged Jeremy to pursue a career in medicine, Jeremy ultimately chose to major in Economics. Jeremy is passionate about entrepreneurship and its economic impact in communities of color. He plans to educate and inspire a commitment to economic development across the Diaspora. Jeremy is a former varsity athlete and a high-performing Economics and Africana Studies student at Tufts University.

“My parents have made many sacrifices for me and my siblings, so I owe it to them to be calculated in pursuing my passions. It’s about making sure my parents are stress-free and confident that my passion will take me to higher levels,” Jeremy said.
In his Sophomore year, Jeremy sought out career opportunities that helped students of color maximize their potential. He discovered SEO and was accepted into the SEO Career program, where more than 80% of SEO Career Interns receive full-time job offers from partner corporations before even graduating college.

“I was always taught that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity and access often are not. SEO bridges that opportunity gap, and helps students like me get their foot in the door, SEO shows corporations that we are talented and full of potential,” Jeremy said.
The SEO Career program provided Jeremy with a network of mentors and he participated in various high-level training and workshops, coaching, and mock interviews. With guidance from SEO, Jeremy landed a Summer 2019 Internship with IBM as a Finance Analyst.

“I am truly humbled and excited by the opportunity to work for such a prestigious and innovative company, with the world-class guidance and network of SEO behind me! SEO Career coaches believe in me. They helped me approach my interviews with confidence. It was extremely valuable having someone I trust to ask questions throughout the interview process. I knew that as long as I got the interview, I could get the job,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy and 350+ college interns will gather in New York City on May 17-24, 2019 for pre-internship training at the SEO Career Summit. Interns will have an exclusive opportunity to learn from industry titans, attend partner-hosted events, learn technical skills from expert instructors, and build a professional network that will last a lifetime. Learn more at www.seocareer.org