Top 5 Benefits of SEO Career

SEO Career has been around for 40 years, providing 7,000+ students with the training and resources to secure positions of leadership across Wall Street and Corporate America. While there are many ways to prepare for an interview and land an internship, there’s nothing like the SEO advantage. The SEO Career program sets you up with the resources you need to succeed, including a dedicated coach, exclusive training resources, and a life-long built-in professional network.

Let us break down the top 5 Benefits of joining the SEO Career program. Starting with Edge Phase 1 of our program:

1. Access to 150+ Partners 

We partner with 150+ companies nationwide across a variety of industries to offer access to coveted opportunities through one seamless process. As an Edge participant, you’ll have access to dozens of internships at the click of a button. Available tracks include Alternative Investments/Investment Banking, Markets, Corporate Services, Finance, Technology, and Real Estate.

2. Interview Prep

Being prepared for an interview is key to ensuring you confidently put your best foot forward. The Edge team provides study materials with an extra focus on the technicals, as well as live interviews with industry professionals, and feedback on your interview skills to make sure you’re ready for the big day.

3. 1:1 Coaching

Every SEO Career participant is assigned  a Career Development Advisor – who serves as your coach.  Through your CDA, you’re able to tap into industry knowledge and career expertise to help you throughout the recruiting process. They provide direct support to help you improve and develop your skills and deepen your business acumen within your chosen career track.

4. Resume Reviews

Your resume is a visual representation of your skills, experience, and knowledge—and ultimately your golden ticket to the interview. Once you submit your resume our editors will ensure your resume is ready to impress our partner companies. Feedback and a revised resume will be provided—for FREE! **SEO Career will share resumes with partners.

5. Mentorship/community 

SEO Career has 200+ dedicated and successful alumni community of professionals that serve as mentors for our current participants via our Chronus platform. Once in the program, you have access to an alumni network and a community of like-minded undergraduate students just like you! Don’t forget, your network is your net worth!