The corporate playbook wasn’t written for you. Luckily, SEO has a copy.

For more than 40 years, SEO Career has recruited and prepared high achieving Black, Latinx, and Native American undergraduates for summer internships across Wall Street, commercial real estate, technology, and corporate America, usually leading to coveted, full-time jobs.  SEO Career creates a more equitable society by closing the career opportunity gap for motivated young people.  All are welcome to apply. 

Seize Your Opportunity

SEO Career partners with renowned global organizations across the country for roles in Financial Services, Technology, Real Estate and Corporate. When you join SEO Career, you get the training and coaching you need to land the internship and get the full-time offer.

The SEO Career Advantage

What sets us apart is a combination of coaching, training, exposure, high standards, and a powerful, lifelong alumni network — with a 40-year track record of success to back it up.



The Training You Need to Succeed

Unparalleled Support: From Interview Through Internship

Access to 200+ Partners and Dozens of Opportunities

Networking with Peers and Industry Experts


Average salary for SEO Career Interns


of our Interns receive full time job offers from leading industry partners.



Meet Our Partners

With over 200 partners (and counting), SEO Career offers the opportunity and access you need to succeed — from Corporate America to Wall Street.


Close the opportunity gap

Diversify your talent pipeline with desk-ready talent. SEO Career is proud to partner with hundreds of world-class organizations.